Kamolins Latvian Dance Group

Kamolins Peterborough


Most Latvians came to work in England in 1947 with the hope of a quick return to a free Latvia. In 1950 they began organizing their own cultural and social life and on the 29th of January Leeds founded the Latvian folk dance group “Kamolins”. A few years later they also founded the children dance group “Auseklitis”.

“Kamolins” started active work, participating in many events in England and abroad: The London Song Festival (1951), The International Festival of Wales 1953, Edinburgh (1955), Ireland in conjunction with “Brooch” (1956), ELJA Congress in Germany (1957), together with “Perkoniti” in Sweden (1960) and The Isle of Man (1963).

“Kamolins” continued to perform all over England and Europe, ELJA Congresses and with the “London Dancers “Sweden’s” Liberty ship “.

The most notable year was 1990 when they danced together with Latvian folk “Budeļi”. “Kamolins” along with the folk group “Dudalnieki” and Latvian opera singer Elina Zalite participated in charity concerts both in Glasgow and York, the concert being devoted to donations for an elderly Latvian Center.

Recently in 2012 and 2013 they travelled and held concerts with friends in France. One of the greatest adventures in the summer of 2013 was parcipitating in in the Latvian Song and Dance Festival in Riga where they performed together with the Latvian folk group “Dandari”.

“Kamolins” has been awarded with The Colonel Januma prize and in 2008 won much praise from the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the success of Latvian folk culture and the continuation of Latvian historical traditions .

“Kamolins” continues to perform frequently both in the UK and Ireland.

“Kamolins” is now the longest existing Latvian folk dance group outside of Latvia.